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Intro [Jul. 10th, 2008|08:58 pm]
Weightloss Support For PCOS


Hi! I'm Eli. I´ve been a member for a little while, but I never posted anything so far.
Just wanted to introduce myself.
I'm 26, I was diagnosed with PCOS about 5 years ago. Before that I had weight problems, since forever, and my parents were terrified I was diabetic (because my grandmohter was). So they took me to the dr who treated her: he tested me, said I wasn´t diabetic; and repeated that cycle for 20 years. I changed my gynecologist when I was 21, and it was Liliana (the new gyno) who diagnosed me with PCOS. She refered me to and endocrino, but this dr. was not wright for me: hesitated too much before medicating, didn't change meds that made me sick... I got fed up. I asked my cousin (a pediatrician) for a few names and investigated them: what they specialized in, what they had published, where they worked, etc. I chose the one whose history fit better with my case, and it worked!
Nora (the new endo) is great. She upped my met, gave me something for my calcium loss (and actually listened to me when I said I thought I was losing calcium because my nails were breaking too much), etc. Only thing thing we disagree is that for my weight problem she refered me to a few nutritionists, and they were all useless. Horrible, tortuous, restrictive diets that didn't make me loose a single pound, on the contrary I kept putting on weight.
Well, thank god my mother caught on, and she helped me track down the Dr. who made the only diet that has ever worked on me: I was her patient when I was 14-15, before PCOS, and back then I had lost about 15kg. I was a little sceptical about how it was goiung to work now (with PCOS, metformin, etc), but I've been on her program for a few weeks now and I´ve already lost 3kg! (about 6 pounds) I didn't remember, but I think the reason it works is because she is not a nutritionist: she's and endo who has a personal weight and diabetes problem, and can relate to everything her patients are going through.
And that's life so far! Thank you so much for listening, talking to people who can actually relate, and trully understand what I'm going though can only bring good things!!

[User Picture]From: i_wanna_b_tiny
2008-07-11 02:46 am (UTC)
How did you find out about the calcium loss? Blood tests? What do you take for it? I believe I have a calcium problem too, but doctors don't believe me at 26. I mean I have slowly shrunk a full inch!!! Something is going on.

What's the program / diet that your are now on?

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[User Picture]From: maga_124
2008-07-11 05:39 pm (UTC)
The diet I'm on is weird, as far as diets go. It's like a dissociated diet, but my doctor plans it week by week, and makes it personalized to allow you to have free days to eat whatever you want. I'm still tring to understand the logic behind it, so for now I do what my dr tells me.
I figured it out myself. I used to have great nails, and one day they started breaking, bending, and generally weakening. My mom and grandmom both have calcium loss problems, even though theirs started when they were about 40, I put it together. I told my doctor, she thought it was a bit of a leap, but I insisted and she ordered a urine test (I had to collect a day's urine)anyway. Turns out I was loosing 4 times over the limit. I'm taking clortalidone 25mg every two days. It's a duiretic; I don´t really get how it works, but it keeps it controlled, my last analysis was normal.
Hope it helps!
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